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  • 01/07/2020
    Hello fellow adventurers, don't miss our new updated vote shop,
    now you can exchange your votes for Midland gold and claim your fabulous rewards!.
    Our new Gold Dragon bestows the powers of hero for one day!

  • 26/06/2020
    2 days premium account for all new characters!
    Event is starting today.

  • Updates: 23/06/2020
    Added: Hot Springs buffs Flu and Reumatism.
    Uptaded: Increased reward items for each vote site.
    Updated: Mana potion increased 500 ---> 600
    Updated: Blessing of Profecy dont count as buff slot.

  • Updates: 22/06/2020
    Updated: Community Board
    Updated: Academy (New chars cannot see clan chat until 40level)
    Added: Find item (you can search items drop/spoil)
    Added: Find Raid Bosses
    Added: Find NPC (Still under development)
    Added: Find Grand Bosses (you can check respawn time)

  • Updates: 19/06/2020
    Added: New academy system.
    Added: Voice command .academy
    Updated: Personal Menu dashboard.
    Updated: Noblesse Blessing dont count as buff slot.
    Fixed: Correct the healing for CP.
    Fixed: Some Skills.
    Check Community Board for more info!

  • Updates: 14/06/2020
    Added: Voice Command .mrp for all clan members.
    Added: Service: Daily Premium for all.
    Updated: Droplist page generating.
    Updated: Raid Rank Design and improve raid boss list.

  • Updates: 12/06/2020
    Updated: Quest Zero Hour using multisell.
    Updated: Community board gatekeeper.
    Updated: Global Trade chat (+).
    Fixed: Community board Warehouse.
    Fixed: Spawn offset of mobs around the world.
    Added: New Vote Manager (+add for reward).
    Added: Alt+Click Remove Buff.

  • Updates: 11/06/2020
    Fixed: Over Hit issue.
    Fixed: Magic Critical.
    Fixed: Soul Crystals levelling up.
    Fixed: SP and EXP, some creatures had wrong SP and EXP numbers.
    Corrected: Walking speed. Some creatures had wrong speed.
    Mana Potion: Incresed from 400 ---> 500.
    Added: Buff Clarity at Community Board. Updated: Shift+click function for players.

  • 07/06/2020
    Server has succesfully launched!!